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Blister Tooling Solutions

Prodieco offers unrivalled knowledge and design excellence for blister tooling format size change parts. Because we design and manufacture blister tooling for all makes and models of European Blister lines, we have a unique understanding and engineering insight into the best possible tool design for each unique format. We can blend the best qualities across blister line brands to offer truly unique solutions that optimise the efficiency of your blister line.

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FAT Testing

Our skilled technicians will test all blister tooling change parts and advise on parameters used for forming different material types, temperatures used and optimal production speed.

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Reverse Engineering

It is rare that two blister machines are exactly the same as usually, special customisation makes each machine slightly unique. Our design engineers use the latest in 3D scanning technology: the FARO Edge ScanArm HD.

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After Sales Support

After delivery, one of our six installation engineers is available to come to your site and install the new tools and feeders. Our engineers are capable of programming the complete blister line and qualify the tooling on the line carried out.

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Blister Design

Our Pack Layout Team create a full blister layout drawing, a pocket geometry profile and even carton and case packer drawing. Every blister is designed uniquely and we offer recommendations on all the customer’s specifications in order to optimise the tooling to maximum performance.


Blister Format Change Parts

Prodieco has years of expert experience designing and manufacturing world class optimised blister tooling for all types of blister line from OEMs like Uhlmann, IMA, Mediseal, Marchesini, CAM, Romaco, Bosch, Pharmaworks.

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Blister Design

Our Pack Layout design engineers pioneer in blister pack design & innovation. For every blister card designed by Prodieco, immense consideration is given to the parameters and limitations presented by the blister machine, feeding method, blister material, product shape and tooling optimisation to produce the most reliable blister with the best possible production output.

To assist in the decision making process we offer a 3D rapid prototyping service. This allows the customer to physically handle a replica of their finished blister prior to ordering tooling. Prodieco also offer a customised Alu/Alu pocket design service, for pockets that require the product to be secured by the pocket wall, or an identification deboss at the base of the pocket. Our Cold Form Alu/Alu pocket designs are fully verified and approved.


Prodieco offers the full solution for tooling. This means we understand the unique parts required for pushing and stacking blisters for cartoning parts. We can optimise cartoning functionality and advise on leaflet & carton design to increase production efficiency. We also offer end-of-line change parts for case packers and bundling machines. Continuous improvement at every step of the packing line is at the heart of what we do.

Pharma Material Partners

Prodieco offers solutions for both Thermoform and Coldform blister packaging solutions.
Prodieco has close links with all major forming and lidding material suppliers.

We use our Techlab as a testing centre to study how materials form under different conditions depending
on machine type and format size. This provides valuable insights & knowledge for our customers.

Prodieco Global Sales Contacts

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