Production Capabilities

Production Capabilities

Quality and R&D

Quality and Research & Development

PPC Planning Programming & CNC Dept

Planning Programming & CNC

Final Assembly & Validation

Final Assembly & Validation


DesignProdieco has an expert team of 20 Design Engineers that are split up into smaller working cells; this enables the designer to completely focus on one set of format tools to ensure first time accuracy. The function of the blister pack and protection of the product and are the highest priorities during tool design. Intelligent material selection and special treatments contribute to producing excellent format tooling.

All tooling is designed in 3D CAD; this streamlines the manufacturing process and ensures 100% design consistency between the blister design and tool design.

To guarantee correct tool to machine mounting, Prodieco can provide an Auditing Engineer to use a CMM 3D scanning arm to measure your blister machine on site, to ensure seamless tooling changeover.

R & D

Prodieco R&DThe Research & Development department at PPC are constantly innovating the format tooling design process, and investing in R&D projects and collaborating with local Universities is paramount to this. Current projects include determining correlations between blister geometry and tooling that will give full knowledge of what materials/tooling parameters will aid each individual tablet shape, and examining the Alu/Alu material structure to facilitate a higher density of blisters per pack.


Production-Capabilities_ProductionProdieco has state of the art manufacturing floor which compromises of over 90 people operating a Flexible Manufacturing System capable of producing any blister machine type components in any sequence.


  • Production-Capabilities_Capacity>7 Linear guide wire EDM centres capable of 5µm repeatability and 2.05μm Rz surface finish on punch and perforation tools
  • 4 High speed (40k RPM) machining centres capable of micro machining forming and feeder components to precision requirements
  • 14 Vertical CNC machining centres
  • 2 High volume multi pallet horizontal machining centres
  • 5 High repeatability CNC grinding centres dedicated for knurled sealing tools
  • 4 CNC turning centres
  • 2 CNC multi axis mill/turn centres machining for all rotary tooling requirements
  • 1 Waterjet cutting machine.
  • 1 Injection moulding machine
    All machining centres fitted with full Renishaw probing systems to safeguard for accurate part set up.

Quality & Verification

Production-Capabilities_Quality-&-VerificationProdieco have been registered ISO 9001 since 2003 and are audited annually by SGS. The quality department issue a range of documentation designed to increase the effectiveness of tool validations and reduce the document qualification burden on our customers. The Validation Support Documentation includes: Cavity & Pin Verification, FAT reports, Certificates of Conformity for Materials & Coatings and Feeder Testing Reports.


Accuracy in all machined components is proven by utilizing the Quality Department Technologies:

  • Production-Capabilities_Testing_1Wenzel CNC CMM.
    Fully programmable 3 co-ordinate contact measuring machine, for use as a high speed digitizing machine for scanning pocket and Cold Form Alu/Alu form pin profiles.
  • 2 Manual CMM’s.
    3 axis contact measuring machine with accuracy of 2 microns.
  • Renishaw Scanning Machine.
    High speed digitizing machine for scanning pockets and Alu/Alu form pin profiles.
  • Keyence Digital Microscope.
    Production-Capabilities_Testing_2Delivers high resolution images, 3D profiles with superior depth of field to ensure that the total subject remains in focus. x20 to x200 magnification (x5000 possible). This equipment is very effective in assessing the thinning effect of pockets after formation, pockets can be set in resin and sectioned and then examined at x200 magnification.
  • Hardness tester Vickers/Brinell.
    Multiple hand held portable units.
  • Feeder Testing.
    All feeders are tested with bulk product in house before shipment. The feeder set up data sheet and a 3 minute video of the successful testing is recorded; both the test data sheet and the video file are available to our customers to achieve a rapid set-up time at their plant.
  • Cold Forming of Materials.
    All Alu/Alu Cold Form tools are validated on a custom built testing machine. The adjustable operational parameters achieve the optimum pocket formation. An integrated pin-hole detection unit will instantly highlight any material failure and stop the forming process. Once a stable process has been achieved the forming parameters are recorded on the Cold Form Set-Up Document, which is forwarded to the customer to assist in the set-up of their tooling.

  • Customer

    • Initial contact
    • Technical Information
    • 24hr Quotation Generation
    • 3D Blister
      Layout Drawing
    • Tablet Scanning
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Customer Approval
  • Tool

    • Dedicated Project
      Design Team
    • 3D Tool Design
      in Solidworks
    • Innovative
      Tool Design
    • Dedicated Feeder
      Design Team
    • 25 Mechanical
      Design Engineers
    • 3D Simulation Services
    • Part Finite
      Element Analysis
    • Detailing
  • Tool
    & Planning

    • 3D Tool Designs
      Accurately Translated
      into CAD/CAM Programmes
    • Project Proficiently
      Planned to Guarantee
      Delivery date
    • Dedicated Planning
      Department utilising
      MRP System
    • Full Traceability
  • Tool

    • Flexible Manufacturing
      System capable
      of producing any
      blister machine
      type components
      in any sequence
    • In-Process Inspections
      carried out
    • State of the art
      manufacturing floor
    • 50 CNC machines
    • 2 working shifts
    • Lean manufacturing
    • Continuous Investment
      in the Latest Manufacturing
  • Assembly
    & Quality

    • ISO 9001 Certified
    • Fully Accredited
      Expert Tool Makers
      Assemble Tools
    • Tools sent for
      Special Coating
    • Tools CMM Scanned
      and Checked against
      Pack Layout
      & Manufacturing Drawings
    • 100% In-Process Inspection
  • Testing
    & Validation

    • 8 In-House Blister
      Testing Lines
    • Production of Formed
      Web – Thermo
      & Cold Form
    • Universal Cold
      Form Test Rig
    • 6 Feeder Testing
    • eLim System
    • Non-Destructive
      Seal/Leak Testing
    • Validation Support
  • Factory

    • In-house or on-site
      verification & validation
      of all tooling,
      utilising all of
      Prodieco’s testing
  • Shipping

    • Next Day Delivery
    • Due to our
      global customer
      base we have established
      excellent relationships
      with Logistical Experts
      to meet agreed
      delivery dates.
  • Commissioning
    / SAT

    • Prodieco
      Specialist Engineers
    • Commissioning
      Report Provided
    • IQ/OQ Documentation