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Proven results with elim

Prodieco developed the elim | Tablet Sorting System in response to difficulties pharmaceutical companies experienced with broken tablets entering the feeding system, causing micro stoppages and downtime.

The elim is a mechanical vibratory system that sorts broken product before it enters the tablet feeding system. elim is versatile – operating in multiple sites on multiple machine types. It is proven to increase OEE on blister packaging lines. As elim is inline, it reduces set up time from other more labour intensive offline sorting systems. Installing an elim system will lead to significant cost savings in your operation, reducing waste and increasing operator morale.

System applications, inline & offline sorting solutions

eLIM 1

elim on the blister line is our most efficient and popular sorting system. As it is inline, it reduces set up time from other more labour intensive offline sorting systems.

eLIM Standalone

Automatic weighing scales can be added – you just need to programme the exact weight of product to be sorted with automatic shut-off, to switch between containers.

elim Case Study

A pharmaceutical originator used elim to sort batch of 1.3 million tablets. 1.5kg of defective product was isolated finding 6,500 broken tablets & particles. Before installing elim, it typically took 1-2 minutes to clear each blockage caused by broken product. 6,500 minutes saved with elim, saving 108 hours over 5 days, 3 working shifts


Rejection Capability

Broken, Clump & capped tablets can be rejected. All tablet particles smaller than 75% length of the tablet are rejected 100% of the time. Based on product testing rejection rates can be confirmed. elim removes capped tablets, broken particles and eliminates micro stoppages.


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