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Our production facility operates as an exemplar of LEAN manufacturing in operation. From material sourcing and selection to high speed engineering equipment, our philosophy is: There is always a better way. The Prodieco Way.

Manufacturing Capability

Our commitment to the pharmaceutical industry means we constantly strive to find ground-breaking solutions and improvements in our own manufacturing processes. We continuously invest in the latest technologies and machinery to ensure speed of manufacture and offer very competitive lead times on new format tooling.

Every set of blister format size parts is produced in our state-of-the-art, LEAN-optimised engineering workshop. Manufacture speed is optimised using embedded OEE monitoring systems. With meticulous attention to detail, our team of CNC machinists & tool makers embodies our philosophy: perfection is synonymous with performance. With a sophisticated MRP scheduling system, we are flexible to manufacture any tool for any blister machine type, in any sequence.

Express Project Initiation

To deliver your project on schedule and in a fast delivery time, we have invested in our early project development and sales processes.

What does this mean for you? Our technical sales team will prepare a list of details with you to ensure that the project can be properly specified. This can include blister layout drawings, shingle (tablet locking) analysis for feeder feasibility and sample 3D models of the tooling required. Once the project is approved in principle, we will begin to plan the project to ensure fast design and manufacturing of the tooling.

Focused Experts in Design

The dedicated design team blends the best qualities from different machine types to achieve higher performing tools, with better results for you. Because of our relentless focus on blister tooling, precision and exact information, our designers optimise the tool design for functionality, fit and product protection, ensuring patient safety.


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Quality Focus

Our continuous focus on quality and through our Quality Management System means that from raw material to post-assembly, the tools and processes go through multiple checks performing to exacting quality targets. Overall we perform on average 3,621 quality checks each week to ensure we do things right first time. We are ISO9001:2015 certified and supply Validation Support Documentation with each tool.

Quality is the essence of what we supply. When a form tool is manufactured it undergoes a rigorous 3D Scanning process, checking up to 3,000 data points on the each pocket profile, which is then overlaid onto the original blister design drawing. We use a highly magnified microscope to verify the knurl height and the uniformity across sealing tools. As engineers, we go to great lengths to prove that what we have manufactured, is exactly what we designed.

Prodieco Global Sales Contacts

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Czechia & Slovakia, Scandinavia, Benelux, Romania & Bulgaria

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