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Proven results with Techlab

Prodieco’s vision is to give you a machine tested, fully validated blister before you even receive the format change parts at your own plant, safe in the knowledge that your project is going to be right first time. Blister packs are given life on our range of European built blister lines, solely dedicated to testing change parts for you.

Techlab has been designed with the packaging engineer & technologist in mind. Experience how forming and lidding materials interact with blister format parts. Blister sealing integrity is validated using our blister leak detection equipment to ensure a safe blister is produced. We perform a full FAT on the tooling as per your requirements, testing high & low temperature sealing and forming speeds. This ensures that you have a testing protocol for set up on your own machine back at site. The FAT in Techlab frees up your machine from testing the tooling, increasing machine uptime and keeping production KPIs on track.

Our Techlab Machines


IMA & Winpack

We have a wide range of IMA & Winpack Machines available for FAT in Techlab. For more information, please contact us on



We have a wide range of Uhlmann Machines available for FAT in Techlab. For more information, please contact us on



We have a wide range of Marchesini Machines available for FAT in Techlab. For more information, please contact us on

Mediseal CP400

Mediseal, Bosch & Romaco Noack

We have a wide range of Mediseal, Bosch & Romaco Noack Machines available for FAT in Techlab. For more information, please contact us on


FAT Factory Acceptance Testing

Our skilled technicians will test all blister tooling change parts and advise on parameters used for forming different material types, temperatures used and speeds for running the blister line for optimised production. Prodieco has developed a FAT protocol document for you. It details the settings used on our blister line during qualification trials. This benefits you with faster qualification of tools on your site. It ensures the tooling is ‘Plug and play’.


Complete After-Sales Support

After the delivery, one of our six installation engineers is available to come to your site and install the new tools and feeders. Our engineers are capable of programming the complete blister line and qualify the tooling on the line carried out. They can stay until the job is done, not just during set hours, and will submit all Validation Support Documentation to you during the process.

Reverse Engineering

It’s rare that two blister machines are exactly the same as usually, special customisations make each machine slightly unique. Our design engineers use the latest in 3D scanning technology: the FARO Edge ScanArm HD. This delivers over 2,000 data points per scanline to allow for total accuracy. The data is transferred to our 3D Solidworks design programme where we make an exact 3D model replica of your machine. This enables us to fit our designs to your machine to offer you a right first time plug and play solution.

Universal Forming Machine

It is impossible to have every blister machine in our Techlab, so the engineering brains within Prodieco, applied their 1,500 years of collective knowledge to build a universal testing machine. This unique piece of machinery enables us to replicate the forming station of any European designed Blister Line. The machine is capable of forming both thermoform & coldform material. We can verify the formed pockets to ensure the integrity of the blister.

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