Our Partners

Prodieco collaborates with market leaders in pharmaceutical materials and equipment to gain the best results from our tooling. These strong partnerships contribute to the success that Prodieco is today.

HMH Feeder Systems

HMH Maschinenhandel specialise in product feeders for blister lines which can be used with almost all blister machines. The HMH Sypro® Feed System improves the performance and increases the productivity of the production line. Prodieco and HMH work together to provide systems for intermittent or continuous motion blister lines. View Website

Amcor Flexibles

For more than 30 years Formpack® has been the favoured coldform brand for the medical and health industry. Featuring an impermeable barrier to moisture, light, oxygen, and other gases, Formpack® provides extended shelf life and long term delamination resistance. Prodieco have worked with Amcor for many years ensuring that our tooling is fully optimised to their Strec calculation. View Website


Honeywell Aclar® barrier films help pharmaceutical packaging professionals lower their packaging costs, improve the flexibility of their operations, and increase overall profitability. Honeywell films are available in a variety of gauges and barrier levels and protect some of the world’s most important medications in all climates and environments. Aclar® film can also reduce overall pack size by 55% and is clear, enabling products to be uniquely branded. Prodieco design blister cavities to optimise the thermal flow of Aclar® material to achieve the best possible external atmosphere defence effect. View Website