eLIM Vibratory System

eLIM Vibratory System

eLIM-System_PPC-eLIM-SystemProdieco has developed a vibratory system that will eliminate all broken product from the feeder system prior to entering the hopper. The system combines Prodieco designed dedicated change parts with a vibratory drive unit that will remove 100% of fractured tablets.

The functionality incorporates 2 levels of sieving:

  • 1st level will remove small clumps of tablets
  • 2nd level will remove all remaining broken particles of tablets

eLIM-System_System-Benefits_1System Benefits

  • Increased machine performance – Fewer micro stops
  • Dedicated change parts specific to product shape
  • Only 1 layer of tablets sieved at a time
  • Constant feed rate under variable load (Feedback system)
  • Quiet operation
  • Low/no maintenance
  • Variable electronic controller


eLIM System Video Overview