David Flanagan – Director

I started working in Prodieco in 1999, assembling tools. Soon after I became a CNC machinist, followed by managing production, doing sales, managing sales areas and today I am one of the Directors of Prodieco. Quite the evolution!

As one of the Sales Directors, I supervise day-today sales results, sales activity and customer visits. I also manage some global accounts of big pharmaceutical companies and a number of direct markets such as Malta, Israel and Indonesia. Alongside all this, I continuously look into new products, potential customers and the growth strategy for the future of the company.

Blister tooling was a small part of Prodieco’s trade at the beginning but thanks to our employees’ “cando” attitude, precision engineering and hard work, we are now one of the global leaders in blister tooling for the pharmaceutical industry. We are proud of our teams’ passion and dedication and we strive to make sure we offer opportunities of growth for all staff members.

When I’m not working on growing our business, I enjoy gardening, spending time with my family, fitness, and believe it or not: travelling; despite being often on the road to meet customers.