Neil Bailey – Senior Design Engineer

I’ve been working in Prodieco for 24 years and I’m now a senior design engineer. I design change parts and have worked on most of the machine types over the years. I also interact with other designers and other departments within the company on all aspects of design, and with our customers, to fully achieve their tooling needs.

My engineering teacher in secondary school had previously worked as a tool maker in Prodieco and suggested I inquire about doing an apprenticeship in Prodieco. While I started as a toolmaker, I then moved into design, so I guess I should thank my teacher, Mr Nugent, for steering me on the right path!

I enjoy the work and also like the challenge but I would have to say that most of all, it’s the people make me stay. Prodieco has excellent people within it, who have become great friends. They’re incredibly skilled engineers that you can learn a lot from, so I always keep an open mind, as we are all learning every day. Respect your colleagues and they will respect you and never be afraid to ask for advice or help, as in my experience, Prodieco employees are always happy to help.

It’s fantastic that we have dedicated HR department that looks after the well-being of the workforce which is very important. Happy staff will give you great work in a great environment.

Outside of work my interests would mainly be sports and the arts. I’m a massive sports fan in general but mainly GAA. I adore music: listening, playing, going to concerts whatever it is, if it involves music I’m there.