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Meet the People Behind Prodieco

The Start of a Never-Ending Pursuit of Excellence

Everything started in Dublin, Ireland in 1962 when Prodieco – short for Progressive Die Company – was founded as a press tooling company. The small group of passionate and technically brilliant engineers responsible for doing so, started with a commitment to never sacrifice our high-quality standards. For sixty years, we have followed their revolutionary philosophy to design, develop and deliver the highest-quality engineering solutions for our customers. Today, we think global but act local, with 98% of our products & services exported globally, we are strategically located around the world.

Accuracy. Efficiency. Reliability. Durability.

Our commitment to quality continues to be absolute and uncompromising. In an industry where success is dependent on measurement to a micron precision, we’ve maintained an unrivalled attention to detail from day one. We believe that quality goes to the heart of our blister tooling and while some call it pharmaceutical integrity, we call it advanced engineering.

Prodieco Production System

In order to bring innovative, reliable products to the market, we continuously invest in the latest technologies, machinery and training our people in our state-of-the-art engineering plant in Dublin. Here, we’ve developed the Prodieco Production System – a systematic approach to achieve the highest standards of lean manufacturing and quality assurance which allows us to offer our customers shorter delivery times, optimised tooling design and value for the total cost of each of their projects.
We pride ourselves on delivering projects on schedule. To do this, we have invested heavily in our early project development and sales processes. At the start of your project, our technical sales team will outline all the specific details with you, to ensure that your project is properly specified. Then, once the project is approved in principle, we can begin to plan the project down to the very last detail.
We have a dedicated, diverse and vastly experienced engineering design team at your disposal. They have a wealth of expertise across a variety of different machine types. This allows us to provide solutions to you that others may have said were not possible. Because of our focus on blister tooling, precision and exact information, our designers can easily optimise the tool design for functionality, fit and product protection, ensuring complete patient safety.

Our unique quality management system ensures that from raw material to post-assembly, every tool and process goes through multiple checks, performed to exacting standards. We are ISO9001:2015 certified and perform thousands of quality checks each week to ensure we do things right first time. As proof of this, we issue Qualification Support Documentation with every tool supplied to you.

Meet Our Management Team

Mike O'Hara


David Flanagan​

Director of Business Development

Shane Ferguson

Head of Finance & IT at Prodieco

Elaine O'Brien

Head of HR

Alex Corcoran

Head of Design & Engineering

Russell Coelho

Assembly & Testing Manager

Joseph Perris

Customer Support Manager
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