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Solutions For All Makes and Models of Blister Packaging Lines

Prodieco’s unrivalled knowledge and design excellence for blister tooling format size change parts stems from decades designing and manufacturing blister tooling for all makes and models of Blister Packaging Lines. This provide us with a unique understanding and engineering insight into the best possible tool design for each unique format.

Thermoform - Forming Tools

The design of each cavity is optimised around the blister thermoform process and the unique forming characteristics of the material. Prodieco’s design and optimisation of the materials allows for an even distribution of material into the cavity resulting in longer shelf life for products.

Thermoform tooling
Coldform Tools

Coldform - Forming Tools

Prodieco provides fully certified Coldform tooling which is rigorously tested to ensure pin holes, micro channels or delamination will not occur on the blister. We have worked with Amcor Flexibles for more than a decade ensuring that our Coldform blister tooling is fully optimised to their Strec calculation.

Cartoning Units

Whether your packaging line is an integrated blister/cartoner from the same supplier or a custom line made from separate manufacturers, Prodieco can ensure the same level of tooling quality and service for all your blister and cartoning tooling. A ‘one-stop-shop’ for your complete tooling needs brings the advantages of seamless integration and ease of project management.

Feeding Solutions

Especially suited for oval and irregular product shapes but also ideal for conventional tablets and capsules, this feeder quickly releases each product accurately into the pocket and ensures it’s centralised with sufficient head space. Our experts consider all the key factors including the shape of the internal tubes to suit the product tolerance, the colour of tubes for multiproduct packs, the position of the stopper pins, the design of the exit chutes and the design of the entry to the top of the tube in the hopper well.
Prodieco offers a range of vertical feeder designs for both thermoform and coldform blisters. Our experts also factor in smart features that prevent product locking in the lanes. And, to ensure everything you request works right first time, every feeder will be fully tested in our Feederlab before it arrives at your site, to ensure its complete efficiency.
The result of more than 20 years of feeder design expertise, this unique Prodieco system can be tailored for most blister machines. Carefully crafted to increase feed efficiency and reduce downtime, it also allows for the simple, straightforward and superfast changeover of brush parts. What’s more, this system uses brushes and/or planetary paddles, depending on your requirements.
Designed to enhance performance and productivity, this servo-driven feed system works on both continuous and intermittent blister packaging lines. As all feeder adjustments are managed electronically through the HMI interface, you can make very fine tuning adjustments from the anywhere. And, because the optimal feeding settings are stored on a database, each product’s programme automatically adjusts to the correct settings. All this means you get faster changeovers and highly efficient fill rates.
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