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Support at Every Stage

Prodieco’s dedicated customer support division offers a range of comprehensive services for blister packaging machines. These unique support packages are tailored to your exact needs for format parts, commissioning engineer assistance and product and process reliability services. Because the overall efficiency of a blister packaging line is of critical importance and the packaging line must run with minimal downtime, we provide the following supports.

Format Start-Up

Our dedicated Prodieco Commissioning Engineers are not only experts in the format parts, their expertise encompasses packaging materials, packaging machines and processes optimisation. Having them at your disposal allows for immediate production start-up during Site Acceptance Testing for new formats. What’s more, their know-how will be passed on to your people so that we can develop long-term relationships with you.

Operational Plus

Prodieco’s specialist engineers are uniquely equipped to provide optimisation proposals that improve overall packaging process efficiency. Firstly, they provide a comprehensive analysis of your current production process looking at packaging technology, operating staff knowledge, work flow methods, format change over, packaging materials, logistics and all the processes and inputs around the packaging process. They then use this to provide you with a tailored solution proposal to overcome any issues that they discover.

Meet your Support Team

Joe Perris

Customer Support Manager

Seamus Towey

Project Development Manager

Szymon Rose

Customer Support Engineer

Stephen Murphy

Customer Support Engineer

Lorraine Redmond

Customer Support Agent

Vivienne Ryan

Customer Support Agent

Caoimhin McGovern

Customer Support Engineer
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