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Advanced Tablet Handling Solutions

Tablet Lifting that is no longer Clean in Place


State of the Art – A marvel of tablet elevation.

Super Fast – Super flexible portable vacuum transfer system.

Multi-use platform – Lift almost anything.

Here at Prodieco, we believe there’s always a better way. 

That’s why when we set out develop a lift system, we started by asking our customers. What we found was that the systems on the market are all clean in place and difficult to manoeuvre. This has a substantial impact on changeover times and OEE. The lift is built on Prodieco’s telescopic platform. This means that the lift is no longer clean in place. With the pillar retracted, the eLIFT can easily be removed from the packing hall. Prodieco has leveraged the latest machine safety technology to remove the need for large machine guards. The arm configuration removes the need for a gate on a product fill chute. This means we only have 3 product contact parts:  the Hopper,  the vibration tray and the bucket. The Hopper is hinged to give maximum access for cleaning.


eLIF by Prodieco - Advanced Tablet Lifting Solution
eLIFT by Prodieco - Advanced Tablet Lifting Solution

How we deal with dust

Typically, on lift systems, dust extraction is done from the machine guards, this encourages the dust to fill the pillar column. With the eLIFT we extract directly over the transfer point between the vibration tray and the bucket. This maximises dust extraction and minimises cleaning. The Prodieco eLIFT is packed with the latest technology. Despite this, it’s extremely simple to use. The operator docks, the machine and with the Prodieco button –  one touch to start, one touch to stop.

Watch the eLIFT in action

The vacLIFT is Prodieco’s answer to Ultra High Speed, High containment applications. Utilising Prodieco’s telescopic platform and Piab piGENTLE transfer system, we’ve designed a compact and portable lift system with multiple containment levels. You can choose from different input options from a standard hopper to poly bottle or a charge bag system. The vacLIFT is the ideal solution for Uncoated Dusty Tablets, High Speed and High Potency Applications.

vacLIF by Prodieco - Advanced Tablet Lifting Solution

Watch the vacLIFT in action

bulkLIFT by Prodieco - Flexible lifting solution for Pharmaceutical packaging lines

Prodieco’s Flexible lifting solution was designed as a telescopic platform that easily fits  through doors  and is extremely simple to maneuver because of its low centre of gravity.

It can be used to lift virtually anything.

One touch to start, one touch to stop

With capacitive touch, 360° visibility, multi function output and 16 million colours, the Prodieco touch button is at the cutting edge of  input technology.

The button, like our machines, demonstrates that high-tech functionality does not need to be complex to operate.

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