IMA C80-A81 Testing Capabilities - Prodieco

IMA C80-A81 Testing Capabilities

At Prodieco, our promise is to give you a fully validated, machine tested blister, ready to use when it arrives at your plant. To achieve this, we’ve built Techlab & Feederlab. Our Experts in Techlab perform all your required advanced testing protocols for you, increasing machine uptime and keeping your production processes on track.

Prodieco Connect - Virtual FAT & SAT Platform

Prodieco’s Connect Platform is the solution to extend our excellent support offerings to our customers remotely, assuring that we can continue to offer you fully validated, machine tested solutions, ready to plug and play when they arrive at your site.

  • Prodieco can support with dedicated specialist engineers for SAT.
  • Complete SAT documentation and handover, IQ and OQ documentation.
  • Machine Setup Training.
  • Flexible team of engineers to work around your requirements.
  • Experienced team of engineers with expertise on multiple machine types.

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Ukraine, Mexico, South Africa & Turkey

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