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Techlab FAT

This is our state-of-the-art research and testing facility. It allows us to validate the format size parts you order and guarantee they are ready to ‘Plug and Play’ on your machine, the minute you receive them. Our Techlab has a wide range of  blister packaging lines, which allows for full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of a variety of formats.


Tablet feeding is one of the most critical aspects of the overall performance of the blistering operation and has the biggest effect on productivity. To ensure yours is no longer on the critical path, we put all our solutions through our Feederlab – an unparalleled testing and validating facility for our vibratory, tube, rotary-style and universal feeding systems.

R&D Solution Centre

We’ve invested heavily in the creation of our Solution Centre. Here, our R&D specialists harness cutting-edge technologies in design, automation, robotics, machine vision, data-analytics, materials and pharma-sterilisation technology, to develop world-class pharmaceutical packaging equipment.
If you want to experiment with solutions on a diverse number of European blister packaging lines, without causing down time on your own production lines, Techlab is our one of a kind, broad and flexible testing ground available to you. Here, you can experience the latest innovations in packaging materials and process parameters in an ultramodern production-style environment. GET IN TOUCH
We’ve a dedicated team of commissioning engineers at your disposal. They’ll come to your site and install the new blister format size parts and feeders for you. They’re capable of programming the complete blister line and qualifying the blister format size parts on the line carried out. Our engineers offer you the required flexibility staying on site until all the knowledge is transferred and training is provided to your personnel and will submit all Validation Support Documentation to you during the process. GET IN TOUCH

Feeding Solutions

Especially suited for oval and irregular product shapes but also ideal for conventional tablets and capsules, this feeder quickly releases each product accurately into the pocket and ensures it’s centralised with sufficient head space. Our experts consider all the key factors including the shape of the internal tubes to suit the product tolerance, the colour of tubes for multiproduct packs, the position of the stopper pins, the design of the exit chutes and the design of the entry to the top of the tube in the hopper well.
Prodieco offers a range of vertical feeder designs for both thermoform and coldform blisters. Our experts also factor in smart features that prevent product locking in the lanes. And, to ensure everything you request works right first time, every feeder will be fully tested in our Feederlab before it arrives at your site, to ensure its complete efficiency.
The result of more than 20 years of feeder design expertise, this unique Prodieco system can be tailored for most blister machines. Carefully crafted to increase feed efficiency and reduce downtime, it also allows for the simple, straightforward and superfast changeover of brush parts. What’s more, this system uses brushes and/or planetary paddles, depending on your requirements.
Designed to enhance performance and productivity, this servo-driven feed system works on both continuous and intermittent blister packaging lines. As all feeder adjustments are managed electronically through the HMI interface, you can make very fine tuning adjustments from the anywhere. And, because the optimal feeding settings are stored on a database, each product’s programme automatically adjusts to the correct settings. All this means you get faster changeovers and highly efficient fill rates.
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