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Business Summary

The Start of a Never-Ending

Pursuit of Excellence

Everything started in Dublin, Ireland in 1962 when Prodieco – short for Progressive Die Company – was founded as a press tooling company. The small group of passionate and technically brilliant engineers responsible for doing so started with a commitment to never sacrifice our high-quality standards. 
For sixty years, we have followed their revolutionary philosophy to design, develop and deliver the highest-quality engineering solutions for our customers. Today, we think global but act local, with 98% of our products & services exported globally, we are strategically located around the world. 
Our commitment to quality continues to be absolute and uncompromising. In an industry where success is dependent on measurement to within a micron precision, we’ve maintained unrivalled attention to detail from day one. We believe that quality goes to the heart of our blister tooling and while some call it pharmaceutical integrity, we call it advanced engineering solutions. 

Vision Statement


To become a globally renowned engineering brand admired for our quality products, people and performance.

Mission Statement


To be the global leader in the design, manufacture and servicing of blister tooling and associated components to the pharmaceutical industry.

Prodieco Core Values

At Prodieco, our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions. They influence our business decisions and set the standards for delivering extreme quality to our customers.


We support our employees to excel, develop, pursue common goals and achieve their full potential.
Work as a team to achieve common goals. Seek opportunities to increase technical ability and personal development. Display commitment, flexibility and respect for one another.
We strive for efficiency, refining our methods and delivering paramount quality in our operations and processes.
Deliver expected results and objectives. Continuously identify opportunities to reduce waste.
Our passion is to deliver extraordinary customer service to our internal & external customers.
Act with the customer in mind. Understand, deliver and exceed customers’ expectations.
We will embody our entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging and rewarding creativity, agility and flexibility.
Be resourceful & seek solutions to overcome problems.
Encourage and champion continuous improvements.
The cornerstone of our vision is to deliver market-leading products and services to exceptional quality standards.
Take ownership of producing work free of defects. Understand and adhere to the quality standards, processes and procedures.
We take responsibility for the impact of our actions and implement solutions that benefit our employees and the world.
We hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions. We always seek opportunities to improve and give back to society, increasing our recycling process and bringing us close to zero landfill waste.

Global Network

At Prodieco we think global but act local, with 98% of our products and services exported to customers in more than 55 countries. Our sales representatives are present in West and East Europe, North, Central and South America, Northern and Southern Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.
We currently have in excess of 260 employees dedicated to excellence in the design and manufacturing of blister format size parts and feeders for the pharmaceutical industry. 

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Our Teams

Everything we’ve built since we started – our industry-leading reputation, the service we offer and the expertise we deliver – is only possible because of our people. Whether it’s our designers, engineers, manufacturers, sales or support, our teams create, drive and live our brand each and every day. 

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