Blister Feeding Solutions

Unparalleled understanding and impeccable standards to deliver extreme quality for all feeding systems available in the market.

Blister Feeding is a key element that ensures a high productivity rate in any blister packaging line. Prodieco offers exceptional knowledge about the main feeding systems available in the market due to decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and fully testing your change parts in our Feederlab, a unique and unrivalled testing centre for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Change-part Feeder for Tube Feeding Systems

Especially suited for oval and irregular product shapes but also ideal for conventional tablets and capsules, tube feeding systems quickly release each product accurately into the pocket and ensures it’s centralised with sufficient head space.


At Prodieco, our team of experts will conduct a full analysis of each tablet and blister pack before an optimal feeding approach is selected. Our engineers will consider all key factors including the shape of the internal tubes to suit the product tolerance, the colour of tubes for multiproduct packs, the position of the stopper pins, the design of the exit chutes and the design of the entry to the top of the tube in the hopper well. The design is then validated through physical testing in our Feederlab, a state-of-the-art testing and validating facility for our vibratory, tube-style, rotary-style and universal feeding systems.

Change Parts for Vertical Feeding Systems

Prodieco offers a range of vertical feeder designs for both thermoform and coldform blisters. Our team of engineers are well experienced in the main feeding systems available in the market and will carry this unparalleled knowledge to deliver quality, operational excellence and precision in every feeding change part produced at Prodieco.
At our testing facilities, our highly skilled technicians use test tracks to validate the best feeding method for a given product while checking for any potential failure modes modes such as shingling or oval locking in the lanes. Our Feederlab ensures that everything requested by our customers works right the first time. Here, every feeder is rigorously validated through physical testing to hit the product speed and requirements. That’s Prodieco’s guarantee that the change parts ordered by our customers are ready to “plug-and-play” on their machines, the minute they receive them. 

Brushbox – Next Generation Universal Feeding System  

The result of more than 20 years of feeder design expertise, this unique Prodieco system can be tailored for most blister machines. Carefully crafted to increase feed efficiency and reduce downtime, it also allows for the simple, straightforward, and superfast changeover of brush parts. What’s more, this system uses brushes and/or planetary paddles, depending on your requirements. 

HMH Sypro®  

Designed to enhance performance and productivity, this servo-driven feed system works on both continuous and intermittent blister packaging lines. As all feeder adjustments are managed electronically through the HMI interface, you can make very fine-tuning adjustments from anywhere. And, because the optimal feeding settings are stored on a database, each product’s programme automatically adjusts to the correct settings. All this means you get faster changeovers and highly efficient fill rates. 

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