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During the discovery phase of the design of this new lift system, we did focus groups with our customers about what a lift system should be. We found that the systems on the market are all clean in place and difficult to manoeuvre. This has a substantial impact on changeover times and OEE. The eLIFT is built on Prodieco’s telescopic platform. This means that the lift is no longer clean in place. With the pillar retracted, the eLIFT can easily be removed from the packing hall for cleaning. The arm configuration eliminates the need for a gate or a product fill chute. This means we only have 3 product contact parts: the Hopper, the vibration tray and the bucket. The eLIFT is supplied with a machine-specific dock.
The electromagnetic dock serves two purposes, it makes it easy for the operator to locate the machine and holds it in place and forms part of the safety circuit, preventing the lift to be operated when not located correctly. 

How we deal with dust 



Typically, on lift systems, dust extraction is done from the machine guards, this encourages the dust to fill the pillar column. With the eLIFT we extract directly over the transfer point between the vibration tray and the bucket. This maximises dust extraction and minimises cleaning. The Prodieco eLIFT is packed with the latest technology. Despite this, it’s extremely simple to use. The operator docks the machine, and with the Prodieco button – one touch to start, one touch to stop.
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