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Tablet feeding is one of the most critical aspects of the overall performance of the blistering operation and has the biggest effect on productivity. To ensure yours is no longer on the critical path, we put all our solutions through our Feederlab – unparalleled testing and validating facility for our vibratory, tube-style, rotary-style and universal feeding systems. 

Feeding systems are manufactured on average per year spanning vibratory, tube-style and rotary drumstyle feeders. No tablet shape or size is too difficult to feed.

Qualification Documentation

During a blister tooling project, our customers receive an exhaustive report covering the key milestones of their project. Our Qualification Documentation includes the FAT test reports, parameters used for testing, material traceability, risk assessments, compliance and final design reports, and all FDA certificates. Besides presenting invaluable information for the Modern Packaging Technician, Prodieco’s report is also trusted by Quality Experts of the Top 10 Pharma Companies in the World.

Compliance + Time Saver + Money Saver

Blister Pack Layout –
Product Measurement Report –
Formed Pockets 3D Profile Scan –
Factory Acceptance Test Documentation (FAT) –
Testing Report & Set up Parameters –
Feeder Testing & Parameters –
Material Compliance Statements –
Direct & Indirect Product Contact Assessment –

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