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Digital Inkjet

Printing Solutions

IN2 Printing Solutions provides tailor-made digital inkjet printing solutions for printing paper, aluminium, Tyvek ® and many other medical and pharma materials. 
Innovative and reliable, we offer a full range of products to meet your needs. Our team of experts will work with you to find the right solution for your business. 



Offline Reel to Reel (R2R) Production Equipment •
In-line Equipment for Packaging Lines •
Blister Film Printing •
Label Printing •
Direct package printing, Blank Blister •
Black print, additional Spot Colours, or full CMYK •

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IN2 Printing Solutions. 

Digital Inkjet Printing Solutions


The IN2 solutions are specially conceived for the Pharmaceutical Industry, combining high tech and robustness while following the stringent CFR 21 Part 11 protocol. 



BPS-C | Digital Inkjet Blister Printing System

A Flexible System Adapted to Working with Non-flat Blisters

Our Blister Printing System (BPS) is indifferent to deformations in the blister plates, such as the ones produced from roller sealing. This is possible thanks to the design of our system, which projects the inkjet drops from a greater distance. Our BPS does not need any particular transport device, vacuum or bucket belt conveyors.  
The peaks and valleys of the profile and the design of the sealing plates or rollers do not have any impact on our BPS since we use UV inks with excellent wettability and adhesion properties. We have a feeder system for the offline solution that allows for not-so-flat or bent blisters.

BPS-C Printer System Features

– Black, spot colours or CMYK Own design software;

– Optional inspection and rejection system;

– Fast and easy maintenance Just in Time production;

– Internal production;

– Small batches;

– Curved blisters;

– No need for vacuum or bucket belt conveyor;  

– Specially designed to work on non-flat blisters. 

ILPS-C | Digital Inkjet

In-Line Printing System

A Flexible System Adapted to Working with Most Types of Lidding Foils

The ILPS-C is designed and built for non-expert users in the design area, our machines come with our own software, which is easily adaptable to communicate with the blister line. The In-Line Printing System (ILPS) can work with all common aluminium lidding foil providers.  
Since we use UV inks with excellent wettability and adhesion properties, no issues take place when sealing. We have a servo-driven unwinder to feed the machine. A set of dancing rollers transforms the intermittent motion of the blister machine to a smooth continuous motion for the best quality printing. The system is equipped with backstop rollers that only allow one-way movement, i.e., the line pulling direction. Our ILPS is capable of in-line printing of variable data for pre-printed foil or full in-line printing of artwork and variable data in one single step.

ILPS-C Printer System Features

Black, or two spot colours – 

Own design software – 

Optional tailored accessories – 

Fast and easy maintenance – 

Just in Time production – 

Internal production – 

Small batches – 

Artwork and variable data printing – 

Works with all common aluminium lidding foils –  

No need for film pre-treatment – 

R2R-C | Highly Adaptable and Cost-Efficient Digital Inkjet Printer 

A Flexible System Adapted to your needs

The flexibility of the Roll to Roll (R2R) printer allows for the reduction of the time spent between the design and production run. The R2R also allows for the full-colour print of anonymous or pre-printed foil. 
Specially conceived for GAMP pharmaceutical environments, In2 Printing Solutions (IN2PS) combines high tech, with robustness, while following the stringent FDA CFR 21 Part 11 protocol.

R2R-C Printer System Features

– CMYK Spot colours 

– Own design software 

– Optional inspection system 

– Dynamic Curing System 

– Fast and easy Maintenace 

– Just-in-Time Production 

– Internal production 

– Small batches 

– Reduced material stocks 

– Reduced costs 

– Improvement in Productivity 

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