Operational Excellence

There is Always a Better Way

Prodieco is

a state of mind

Prodieco is not only the largest provider of high-performance blister tooling change parts for the pharmaceutical industry. It is a mindset that leads us to pursue quality, operational excellence and precision in everything that we do.
Our ethos is simple – There’s always a better way.
You see this in our continuous drive for internal process improvement but more importantly – the dedication to enhancing every tool design to produce the perfect blister pack.

Our Approach

Order Fulfilment Timeline


Phase 1

Customer Enquiry

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  • Tablet Information;
  • Machine Type;
  • Blister Card Size;
  • Materials;
  • Tablets per Blister Pack;
  • Requirements;
  • Carton / Casepacker.

Phase 5

Week 4 to 6

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  • Tooling Manufacture & Assembly;
  • The project is planned on the MRP system;
  • 3D Machining to ensure accuracy;
  • Measuring & Scanning of the Components;
  • Complete Traceability.

Phase 2

Design & Quotation

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  • Quotation Lead Time – 72 hours;
  • Lead Time for Blister Design 1-2 days;
  • Detailed 3D Blister Drawing;
  • All critical dimensions highlighted;
  • All cavity details are clear;
  • All required information is highlighted.

Phase 6

Week 7

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  • Testing & Validation;
  • A dedicated team of Testing Engineers;
  • Over 20 Blister lines are available;
  • 5 Feeder Testing Stations;
  • Techlab FAT Facility Requirements.

Phase 3

Commence Project

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  • Approval of Pack Layout Drawing;
  • Sample Tablets;
  • An audit is available upon Request;

Phase 7

Week 8

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  • Delivery to Customer’s Site;
  • All documentation provided;
  • Shipping paperwork according to your requirements.

Phase 4

Week 1 to 3

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  • Dedicated Tool Feeder Design;
  • Assignment of Design Team;
  • Referencing Feeder Database;
  • All drawings created in 3D;
  • Reference to site audit;
  • A driving pack is used to eliminate potential issues.

Phase 8

Week 9 – SAT

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SAT – An Expert Technician dedicated to your Machine type will be available on-site.

Support at Every Stage

Prodieco’s dedicated Customer Support division offers a vast range of extensive services for Blister Tooling Solutions. These unique support packages, tailored to match your exact needs for format parts, present you with complete support during every stage of the process to deliver the best in the market, Blister Tooling Solutions.
During the installation stage of your project, our first-class team of remote engineers, offers you complete on-site technical support during installation, programming the whole blister line and qualifying the blister format size parts on the carried-out line.
Furthermore, Our engineers offer you great flexibility to stay on-site until all the knowledge is successfully transferred. Your personnel is trained to ensure that all format parts are fully operational and working perfectly before leaving your site.

Format Start-Up

Our dedicated Prodieco Commissioning Engineers are not only experts in the format parts, but their expertise also encompasses packaging materials, packaging machines and process optimisation. Having them at your disposal allows for immediate production start-up during Site Acceptance Testing for new formats. What’s more, their know-how will be passed on to your people so that we can develop long-term relationships with you.

Operational Plus

Prodieco’s specialist engineers are uniquely equipped to provide optimisation proposals that improve overall packaging process efficiency. Firstly, they provide a comprehensive analysis of your current production process looking at packaging technology, operating staff knowledge, workflow methods, format change over, packaging materials, logistics and all the processes and inputs around the packaging process. They then use this to provide you with a tailored solution proposal to overcome any issues that they discover.
Meet Your Support Team

Joseph Perris

Head of Sales Operations

Seamus Towey

Project Development Manager

Michael Fitzpatrick

Customer Service Manager

Vivienne Ryan

Customer Support Agent

Fabien Brun

Customer Service Engineer

Mauricio Martins

Customer Service Engineer

Caoimhin McGovern

Project Coordinator

Dou Sun

Business Sales Executive

Stephen Murphy

Customer Service Engineer

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Prodieco have been a leader in precision engineering solutions for over 60 years.
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