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Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on Blister Packaging Lines

Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on Blister Packaging Lines

Prodieco specialises in developing unique and turnkey tablet handling & sorting solutions that address the challenging aspects that the pharmaceutical industry experience with broken and caped tablets, tablet thickness tolerance variation, fragile tablets and high potency tablet containment. We offer ground-breaking solutions that increase your packaging line efficiency in both online and offline types of equipment while addressing the health and safety standards for tablet handling solutions.

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A powerful Sorting Solution combined with a Tablet Lifting system that is no longer clean in place. 

The Elim Lift Plus is a tablet handling and sorting solution to transport products via lift to the blister packaging line bulk product hopper. The products move from an in-feed hopper into a specialized sorting system. Defective tablets are removed from the process, while good products are elevated through the lift system and transferred into the bulk product hopper on the blister or indeed bottle packaging line. 

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A remarkable tablet counter system, integrated with a single tablet rejection capability.

ElimVision gives individual tablet rejection to your existing counting line, removing the need for bottle-level rejection for damaged products. The inspection system is easily retrofitted to any tablet counter and is versatile to handle all types of products. The system can reject a wide range of defects for tablets, capsules, and gel caps. The Elim Vision is fully compliant with 21 CFR part 11.

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A unique sorting solution that eliminates defective products while Increasing OEE and Production.

The revolutionary Elim was developed by Prodieco in response to the difficulties that pharmaceutical companies experience with broken tablets entering their feeding systems, causing micro stoppages and downtime. In response, the Elim system which operates in all types of machines sorts broken products before it enters the table feeding systems to eliminate micro stoppages and increase OEE.

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