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RBP Bauer Deblistering Machines

The right answer to all of your deblistering needs

Why Deblistering?

All blister packs rejected in the course of a production process contain valuable pharmaceuticals. If these highly sensitive products are not returned immediately to the current batch packaging cycle, substantial losses will be incurred. RBP Bauer deblistering machines may then be used to recover your products.

Efficient deblistering increases the efficiency of blister lines. Using RBP machines allows skilled staff to be assigned to more productive tasks, enables the recovery of expensive products and significantly reduces waste disposal costs.

Prodieco is an official representative of RBP Bauer.

CP50 Deblistering Machine

CP50 Machine

The deblistering machine for peelable blisters, This machine is used for emptying blister packs with non-pushthrough foils. For increased unattainability for children or protection from moisture these blisters are fitted with an additional peeling foil which has to be pulled off by the consumer.

The patented CP50 model performs deblistering without forcing the products through the foil covering. A laser and PLC controlled system opens the pockets accurately around the product by punching the peeling and cover foil at the pocket border, causing the product to fall out of the existing opening

D2500 Machine

Under manufacturing conditions, the D2500, with its two part tool sets (two rolls), is used to recover smaller quantities. Up to 35 manually fed blisters per minute can be emptied efficiently. For blisters with diagonally arranged pockets an additional guide plate is required.

For laboratory, galenicals formulation, hospital pharmacy and nursing home use the machines is equipped with an optional “adjustable tool kit”. Applications include deblistering of third-party products for clinical studies or the filling of automatic dispensers

D2500 Deblistering Machine
D3600 Deblistering Machine

D3600 Machine

Most of our customers have a D3600 installed near every blister line to improve their batch yield. Equipped with speed control, magazine level monitoring, level sensors, counter and product-specific tool sets the machines ensures gentle and GMP-compliant recovery of pharmaceuticals which can thus be returned to the current production cycle.

The D3600 can handle push-though blisters lengthwise, crosswise or diagonally, depending on the pocket position and the convexity of the blisters. Different product rows can be recovered separately. It is also possible to use a manual feeder, an optional brush roll working in opposite direction ensures the safe recover of small products from large AI/AI pockets. Optionally this machine can be plugged in to your central vacuum system.

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