Fully Validated FAT Testing

At Prodieco, we promise to give you a fully validated, machine-tested blister, ready to use when it arrives at your plant. To achieve this, we’ve built two unique centres of excellence: Techlab and Feederlab. 




Prodieco’s Techlab is a state-of-the-art research and testing facility that allows for full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) on the most popular blister machine in the market. Here, our highly skilled technicians test all blister tooling format change parts and advise on parameters used for forming different material types, temperatures used and optimal and process reliability. 
If you want to experiment with solutions on a diverse number of European blister packaging lines, without causing downtime on your own production lines, Techlab is our one-of-a-kind, broad and flexible testing ground available to you. Here, blister packs are given life allowing you to experience the latest innovations in packaging materials and process parameters in an ultramodern production-style environment solely dedicated to testing change parts for you. 
That’s Prodieco guarantee that the format parts ordered by our customers are ready to “Plug and Play” on their machines, the minute they receive them.



Tablet feeding is one of the most critical aspects of the overall performance of the blistering operation and has the biggest effect on productivity. To ensure yours is no longer on the critical path, we put all our solutions through our Feederlab – unparalleled testing and validating facility for our vibratory, tube-style, rotary-style and universal feeding systems.  
725 Feeding systems are manufactured on average per year spanning vibratory, tube-style and rotary drum-style feeders.