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Tablet Handling and Sorting Solutions​

Increase OEE on blister packaging lines

Here at Prodieco, we specialise in developing unique and turnkey tablet handling and sorting solutions that address the many difficulties pharmaceutical companies experience with broken tablets, tablet thickness tolerance variation, capped tablets, fragile tablets and high potency tablet containment. To overcome these challenges, we develop very specialised and highly-tailored solutions for both online and offline equipment that increase the packaging line efficiency and address the health and safety issues around tablet handling solutions.

eLIFT is a tablet handling and sorting solution to transport products via lift to the blister packaging line bulk product hopper. The products move from an in-feed hopper into the specialised sorting system. Defective tablets are removed from the process, while good products are elevated through the lift system and transferred into the bulk product hopper

eLIF by Prodieco - Advanced Tablet Lifting Solution
eLIM - Tablet Sorting Solution

eLIM is a mechanical vibratory and sorting system that sorts oral solid dosage product before it enters the tablet feeding system. Not only is eLIM highly versatile – operating in multiple sites on multiple machine types – it is also proven to increase OEE on blister packaging lines. eLIM can be provided as an online or offline solution depending on your unique requirements.

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